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Professional photo shoot with your 4-legged friend

An image to tell a unique and indissoluble bond, made of trust and unconditional love, as only an animal is able to give.

A professional, personalized photo shoot with your 4-legged friends.


To never forget, who loves you unconditionally.
A unique and fun experience, to share with your furry friend, for a special memory of a unique and unparalleled love.

Unique images that tell your story of endless love and friendship.

How does it work?

If you too want an indelible memory of the infinite love that binds you to your 4-legged friend, all you have to do is contact us and welcome us to your home.


We come to you and bring all the necessary equipment for a professional photographic set, like a real studio, with background and lights.

You don't have to do absolutely anything, just get ready with your furry friend, for a unique and fun experience that will tell your love.


A large space is not necessary, even a small room or a space of a few meters is fine, everyone can live this unforgettable experience, even in a studio apartment.


The photo sessions last about 2 hours and there are no limits to the participants, both bipedal and quadrupedal (and even feathered).

How much it cost?

Our experiences are for everyone.


We have deliberately decided to make sure that anyone can live this beautiful experience and keep a unique and indissoluble memory.



We know that if you contact us it is for the immense love for your furry life partner.


Below you will find our price list with all the explanations about our services, choose the most suitable experience for you.

Our photographic experiences


Choose the experience that best suits your wishes and the personality of your animal, the best way to have fun and keep them entertained during the entire photographic section.

We assure them total serenity, in their usual environment.

SMALL professional photo shoot at home

20 high-resolution photos for free use 

Euro 100


MEDIUM professional photo shoot at home

30 high-resolution photos for free use 

Euro 150


LARGE professional home photo shoot

40 high-resolution photos for free use 

Euro 200

* some extra charge can be applied for very remote locations.

About us

Symbiosis is the intimate coexistence of two types of organisms, a relationship between different living creatures, in which each provides the other with the conditions necessary for its existence.

Symbiosis is a relationship between two living beings, in which each is dependent and receives reinforcement and benefits from the other.


Symbiosis Photography tells the story of a friendship, a connection between two souls, the indissoluble bond between man and animal.


Symbiosis Photography tells a story of trust, a story of kindred spirits.

It is from our love and respect for every living creature that the Symbiosis project is born.

It is from our passion for the wonderful art of photography that Symbiosis is born.
From the desire to tell beautiful stories of living beings, different by species, but who share the greatest of bonds: life

It is from our hope that a photograph of a moment stolen from these existences, can transmit the emotion and the unique and indissoluble bond that only unconditional affection can create.


It is from our hope that, by capturing love between different creatures, respect for life itself can be spread, regardless of the species.


Symbiosis Photography tells the story of a wonderful and unique life and makes empathy its soul.




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